How to choose the right Yoga Retreat -obviously choose ours 😉

Restore, Rejuvenate and Relaxxxx Retreat in Munnar, Kerala, in India in April 2019
Photo courtesy of Vishnu K Das

With so many opportunities to get away for a weekend to reset and retreat from it all, but how do we choose?

First you need to decide if its a holiday you want or something more like a monastery experience (an ashram is the yogic equivalent to a monastery). Or are you looking for something in between (i.e. an ashram experience with holiday facilities)?

Home or away?

Do you want to go abroad? If the answer is yes then you'll have to be prepared that the coordinators will have the idea to take you on a couple of sightseeing excursions. Very few retreat leaders will take you abroad and not take you to see the surrounds. But there are ashrams that do offer complete detox from all distractions and desires, in many different destinations all over the world. Feel free to ask us for advice about where to go should this be something you want to do, as we have gone on a number of these experiences ourselves.

Why our Farmhouse and Countryside Retreat?

Of course we want to let you know about our next retreat, which is on UK soil. Being on home soil gives us us the opportunity to create a more yogic retreat experience (option 3!!!). Just as in India we stay in traditional Kerala style buildings with a luxurious edge, eat amazing fresh local food and take long rambling walks in nature, and so it is in the UK.

One of 6 bedrooms at the Farmhouse where we are running a retreat this September in Dorset, UK.

Beautiful Blandford Forum, Dorset, location of our end of summer retreat.

We will stay in a converted farmhouse complete with swimming pool and sauna, enjoy a cream tea and home roast (healthy nutritious and vegetarian), and explore the countryside, on foot or by bike or by horse, if you so wish, which you can do with the group or on your own, or not at all. The difference is this retreat gives you all the comfort we always provide on our retreats but with more chances for self introspection to focus on calming the mind and relaxing completely. It is a perfect end to a busy summer.

Join us in beautiful Dorset and unwind on our 3 night retreat this coming September.

The view from the pool

Ok, Im interested so how much?


Email us or check our retreat website for more info