Meditation classes

Meditation classes support presence with the now moment

Our fortnightly Friday night meditation classes led by Saro are simple and easy to participate in. Sessions begin with a 40 minute guided meditation, followed by a question-and-answer time to bring to the surface aspects of our experience where we are struggling - and which therefore represent a gateway to freedom. Sometimes music is included.

Meditation as practiced at Energy Yoga supports relaxation at levels beyond the physical. These include:

  • Relaxation of mind
  • Relaxation of the heart
  • Relaxation of (accepting) our human experience

Come to meditation class to experience directly how bringing awareness to the presence moment begins to tap us into the deepest peace and rest that we long for.


Aisha Salem
Byron Katie
Byron Katie

Meditation as taught at Energy Yoga is an approach being developed by Saro McKenna following direct ignition of truth by her teacher, Aisha Salem. Aisha is an awakened being who has realised the self concurrently as space, love and matter. In so doing, Aisha has deepened beyond the fear-based contraction of the personality-mind. Prostrations, love and thanks are extended to Aisha for the gift of her direct transmission of truth, her example and her teachings.

Other influences and teachers pertaining to the meditation taught at Energy Yoga include:

  • Byron Katie's enquiry method, where we intentionally examine thoughts and conclusions from contrary angles to discover directly whether they are robust or not
  • Movement meditation, including in London as facilitated by Sue Rickards
  • Shamanic and plant medicine work, in which the conditioning of the mind is relaxed and truth beyond that available via the habitual five senses is revealed
  • Mateo Tabatabai, who transmits awakening through a love-based approach based on willingness to feel and rest in the truth
  • Osho
  • Teal Swan
  • Jac O'Keeffe
  • Ananta Kranti
  • Adyashanti
  • Unmani
  • John de Ruiter
  • Mooji