You can buy any pass in person when you come to class, with cash or card.

If you prefer to speed things up by buying in advance, please buy below. All class cards are valid for any class.

Single class£13Buy on the spot or online in advance
Great value for high quality traditional yoga
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10 class card£11010 classes
Use within 12 months of first use
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5 class card£605 classes
Use within 6 months of first use
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Monthly unlimited
(one month at a time)
£85Unlimited classes for one month from first use
£6.60/class if you come 3x a week
Valid for all classes incl meditation
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Monthly membership (minimum 6 months)£70Unlimited classes for one month
£5.40/class if you come 3x a week
Cancel anytime after first six months
Valid for all classes incl meditation
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Offer for new students£20First 2 weeks of yoga for £20
Available to purchase at first class
Valid for all classes incl meditation
Buy in person at your first class (cash or card)

Monthly Membership option

Attend unlimited sessions from our full schedule weekly classes or weekly meditation, all for £70 per month.

Some of the best value yoga in London! Just £5.40 per class if you come 3 times a week!

Membership is automatically renewed every month until you cancel it. Minimum contract duration is 6 calendar months. Notice period to cancel is one calendar month, so you can cancel at any time after 5 calendar months. Cancel by writing to


  • You start the membership on 15 January
  • The earliest date your membership could be terminated would be 15 July
  • Earliest date you could start a cancellation would be 15 June
  • Until you cancel, your membership will continue, and payments will continue to be deducted from the method of payment you have given us on an automatically recurring basis

Karma yoga

Karma yoga is one of the key limbs of yoga and is acknowledged as a path toward peace and enlightenment in its own right. In karma we serve selflessly.

We welcome you to help out at Energy Yoga - for example we love help with flyering locally in St Paul's and it's quite fun! As a karma yogi we receive some free classes.

Discounts to those in need

We offer discounts to those who cannot afford our full pricing.  Just get in touch to arrange, it's a simple process and we invite you to make use of it.