The team

Lineage and original teachers


The meditation taught at Energy Yoga is being developed by Sarada (our founder) following direct ignition of truth from her teacher, Aisha Salem (pictured above), to whom deep loving gratitude is expressed.


We are grateful for our original teachers, Swamis Sivananda and Vishnudevanda, who brought the lineage of hatha yoga per Shankaracharya (all pictured above) to the west. We have been the beneficiaries of, and we pass along the knowledge of, an unbroken lineage of yogic teachings - direct from teacher to student - stretching back thousands of years.


We are a team of yoga teachers trained in the Sivananda yoga tradition and passionate about traditional hatha yoga.




Saro began as staff within the Sivananda yoga organisation in 2002, serving in Canada and France. In 2007 she received her Yoga Teacher certification at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala. She founded Energy Yoga in 2012 to bring the light of yoga to the heart of the City.

Following in-depth meditative exploration, Saro is sharing meditation transmission with students in the Friday night meditation and Q&A class.





Naoko first came across a Sivananda yoga book at the age of nine and began practicing meditation then. She trained as a Sivananda yoga teacher in 2012 and has been teaching regularly at Energy Yoga as well outside the centre. Naoko is passionate about facilitating the body's ability to re-balance itself naturally, and to that end has undertaken numerous qualifications in complementary therapies: Naturopathy, Thai Yoga Massage and acupuncture.

ed hamsa cropped


Hamsa (Ed)

Ed completed the Sivananda yoga TTC in Austria in 2011, and has taught yoga since then, as staff in the Paris centre and then here in London. He has undertaken further training in teaching yoga to adolescents, and currently teaches weekly yoga classes to both adults and teenagers. His yoga studies have included the study of Sanskrit and Indian classical music, and he has recently started a course in holistic acupressure. He is very excited to be deepening his knowledge of anatomy, movement and energy.

dunya 2



Dunya Ntinizi was certified as a Sivananda Yoga teacher in 2012 at the London Sivananda Vedanta Centre. She has been teaching inside and outside the organization since. Dunya is a dedicated practitioner who understands that body and mind can work through apparent limitations to move beyond initial expectations.

Dunya is currently on maternity leave. She also runs a small business creating gorgeous handmade meditation cushions.


Frankie Edelmann


Narayani (Frankie)

Frankie has always been interested in physical exercise, well-being and helping others. With a degree in biomedical science from Birmingham University, she practiced different styles of yoga, initially enjoying the physical aspects and then realising the benefits of meditation, pranayama and philosophy. Since completing the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training, she has taught in studios, gyms, workplaces and local halls - and teaches cancer patients at a hospital. She is passionate about developing her yoga practice and helping others towards health, peace and happiness.