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Yoga Nidra, which translates as Sleep Yoga, is a guided lying down meditation practice for deep relaxation and personal insight. It is the systematic release of conscious and subconscious tensions through the awakening of the personal selective somatic and sensory awareness whereby participants can release the build up negative emotions and thought patterns, calm the nervous system, and develop the capacity to cope better with the challenges that life presents.

We feel very privileged that Fiona Sundari Law will be coming to Energy Yoga to share her Nidra with us. She is a long-time Sivananda teacher and trained in Yoga Nidra with Uma and Nirlipta Dinsmore Tuli. She has been facilitating seasonal nature connection Nidras for over four years. Nidra has been key in visioning Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm, her retreat place in Mid Devon which we visited a couple of years ago.

Here she has been nurturing a woodland back to life, to create nutrient rich soil on land that has been over-farmed for centuries and is now becoming home for a more diverse array of flora and fauna. See her website for more on her retreats and volunteer scheme

After an introduction, some gentle postures and the Yoga Nidra itself there will be a sharing circle and most importantly some delicious home made edibles to send you back out into the world refreshed and reinvigorated and maybe a little dreamy too!