Our story

Energy Yoga started as a yoga centre in the City of London, delivering Sivananda Yoga classes workday lunchtimes and evenings in the heart of St Paul’s.

After 7 years the founder, Saro, moved on to other projects and passed the school to two of the teachers, Sara & Akhil. Within a year of the pair taking the centre on, the Covid 19 pandemic hit. Ever since they have been running the classes with the Energy Yoga team online in the mornings, lunchtimes and evenings throughout the week as well as some sessions on the weekends.

Including our standard Sivananda classes we now also run Ashtanga, Hatha and Yoga Flow classes as well. Meanwhile the desire to provide authentic Yoga to the people working and living in London remains at core of what we offer.

Our ethos

As much a concept as an organisation, Energy Yoga is accessible yet traditional, affordable yet high quality, innovative and non-judgemental. Each student and each teacher is an essential part of what makes the centre what it is. Energy Yoga is not the work of one individual or teacher. Above all else our mission is to provide affordable quality Yoga classes to the people living and working in the City and beyond.

We are a welcoming, vibrant group regularly doing yoga and experiencing the benefits it brings. When done regularly, Energy Yoga will dramatically increase your energy, effectively giving you more productive time in your day. Start coming to classes and we think you’ll realise that you’ve unlocked a source of energy, focus, clarity and productivity that will deliver benefits not only for your body and mind, but to your career and family as well - it’s nothing fancy, just wholesome Yoga!