All about the Moon …

By Energyoga | 10 July 2020

The Moon. At once a side-kick to the Earth and yet a powerful and mysterious entity that affects our oceans and, by some, accounts tempers our moods. The Moon is not only significant to modern science, it is also culturally and spiritually iconic. So let’s investigate: how important is the Moon? An Introduction to Yoga … Read more

Squat and Live Long and Happy!

By Energyoga | 03 July 2019
SPracticing yoga, sitting in squat, Garland Pose, Malasana, stretching back muscles, hips & ankles

We were born to squat. You might say squatting would qualify as a lost art. Yet it’s a very instinctive movement pattern and posture for humans. If you watch a baby, it becomes quickly apparent that squatting is a natural human trait. Toddlers and young children spend much time in the squatted position as they … Read more

Please write us a review!

By Energyoga | 04 April 2018

Please review us! We’ve heard you think we’re a little gem of a yoga class in the city đŸ™‚ Aw shucks you guys! Did you know one of the best ways to help keep us in business is to write us a review? Google and other search engines really value recent reviews when they determine … Read more

Good things last: Yoga’s not a Fad, it’s Steeped in Tradition

By Philippa Kartawick | 18 February 2018

Everybody and their mother does yoga in London today; it’s the aerobics of the 70s, the Zumba of the noughties and definitely flavour of the month. Except unlike Barre, Bootcamps or Crossfit, yoga has been around for thousands of years. Steeped in tradition which goes far beyond the asanas (the physical practice). Yoga is first … Read more

The 5 points of yoga – Swami Sivananda’s legacy

By Frankie | 28 January 2018

Many people understand yoga as just the physical positions (asana) on a yoga mat, but yoga in its true essence is much more on and off the mat. Swami Sivananda, one of the yoga masters of the 20th century, outlined 5 simple points of yoga. Proper exercise (asana) The yoga asanas are said to be … Read more

The Power of Meditation

By Philippa Kartawick | 14 January 2018

Times have changed, meditation is no longer seen as a practice for Tibetan Monks or time-rich hippies. It’s now recognised as a practice for anybody who wants to maintain sound mental health. Of course like most things, meditation can be difficult to start. Not because the activity in itself is particularly difficult, but because of the … Read more

The benefits of our ancient yoga sequence

By Energyoga | 18 November 2017
benefits of yoga in London

At Energy Yoga London we teach a traditional yoga sequence – as set out in the yoga sutras – of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises). These postures + their variations, done in roughly this order, is yoga as it has been practiced for thousands of years in India. Since our particular lineage was brought … Read more

Viveka Gardens (Devon)

By Energyoga | 16 November 2017
sivananda yoga viveka

Viveka Gardens is the yoga farm in Devon of Sivananda yogi Fiona Sundari Law. Amongst a full schedule of classes and workshops, they also host workaway/work exchanges. Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm is looking for work exchange volunteers/karma yogis. VG is a retreat where the community and visitors can connect through yoga practices, food growing and … Read more

Yoga retreat in Las Alpujarras

By Energyoga | 11 October 2017

All are welcome for a yoga retreat in Southern Spain with two phenomenal Sivananda teachers – Emma Brown and Sarah Odell. Retreat begins 14 October for one week at the gorgeous Hidden Paradise near Orgiva, Spain. “A yoga retreat gives you more time for reflection and creativity as you withdraw from daily life. Combined with … Read more

Summer aliveness with yoga

By Energyoga | 09 August 2017

Summer is a brilliant time to start or maintain your yoga practice because our bodies tend to feel more open and alive in the sun and heat anyway. Why is this? Yoga observes that the force that activates our bodies – gives it that energy or life force – is prana. Prana is the energy … Read more