Mantra yoga (singing) and cake evening 15 January

By Energyoga | 28 December 2015

Join Energy Yoga for an evening of singing, yogic chanting, heart songs, tea and cake in Central London! Yogic singing and chanting is a key part of yogic practice – the ultimate in heart-opening! Enjoy singing and cake in our central London hall. Gather from 6.30pm to start at 7pm. During Mantra Yoga we will … Read more

Top 9 yoga school in London

By Energyoga | 15 April 2015

Energy Yoga has been ranked one of the nine best yoga schools in London, for our de-stressing yoga classes, super-central London location, drop-in format, and fantastic value. At £10 per class or £70 unlimited yoga for a whole month, our prices really are best of the bunch!

Karma yoga for Christmas

By Energyoga | 02 December 2014

Life speeds up in December, as we rush to get things done before going away, connect with colleagues and family in new ways, and try to create happy memories for those we love. Pace and heightened expectations can bring stress, because it’s harder to perform well and deliver quality under pressure — or with a … Read more

How physical yoga sits within ‘yoga’

By Energyoga | 09 September 2014

The Sivananda yoga classes we teach at Energy Yoga London reflect a traditional yoga sequence – how yoga has been practiced in India for thousands of years. Yoga is a body of knowledge that goes back around 4,000 years, and along with some forms of Chinese martial arts, are the oldest practices in continuous practice, … Read more

Yoga for happiness (mo’ yoga, less problems)

By Energyoga | 08 March 2014
yoga happiness

Yoga for happiness – Following our last post on how neuroscience and yoga agree about happiness, here’s some more science on yoga. Check out these results of a study showing a linear relationship between the amount of yoga practiced and psychological and physical well-being. More yoga=less problems. ALEX HUTCHINSON Published Sunday, May. 29, 2011 04:00PM … Read more

How neuroscience and yoga agree about happiness

By Energyoga | 01 March 2014
neuroscience of yoga

The neuroscience of yoga – We’re sharing a great TED talk with you today in which a neuroscientist challenges the idea that we’ll be miserable if bad things happen to us. Modern neuroscience is finding that even when great things happen to people (like winning the lottery) the effect on their happiness is temporary; similarly … Read more

Can I do yoga if I have a bad back?

By Energyoga | 04 February 2014
yoga for bad back

We’ve been meeting a lot of you in St Paul’s and a question that pops up is – can I do yoga if I have a bad back? Unless the back pain has been caused by a specific injury, most back pain, herniated discs and sciatica are caused or contributed to by: Weak abdominal muscles … Read more

Classes starting in St Paul’s 11 February 2013

By Energyoga | 13 January 2013

Our first yoga class in the St Paul’s location is on Monday 11 February (6.30pm). We’re really excited to be in the beautiful Hall at St Vedast Church, with gorgeous high ceilings, hard wood floors and stained glass windows! Please see our timetable, information on the Sivananda yoga style we teach, and our location.

What is fatigue? What is energy?

By Energyoga | 11 December 2012

I’ve been practicing Sivananda yoga for 12 years. Over that period, I did a degree, began my career, became an M&A investment banker, and moved beyond bulge bracket corporate finance, too. Recently, I went on a yoga retreat at the Sivananda Ashram in Orleans, France. We were doing two extended yoga classes of 1hr45 mins … Read more