10 July 2020

All about the Moon …

The Moon. At once a side-kick to the Earth and yet a powerful and mysterious entity that affects our oceans and, by some, accounts tempers our […]
3 July 2019

Squat and Live Long and Happy!

We were born to squat. You might say squatting would qualify as a lost art. Yet it’s a very instinctive movement pattern and posture for humans. […]
4 April 2018

Please write us a review!

Please review us! We’ve heard you think we’re a little gem of a yoga class in the city 🙂 Aw shucks you guys! Did you know […]
18 February 2018

Good things last: Yoga’s not a Fad, it’s Steeped in Tradition

Everybody and their mother does yoga in London today; it’s the aerobics of the 70s, the Zumba of the noughties and definitely flavour of the month. […]
28 January 2018

The 5 points of yoga – Swami Sivananda’s legacy

Many people understand yoga as just the physical positions (asana) on a yoga mat, but yoga in its true essence is much more on and off […]
14 January 2018

The Power of Meditation

Times have changed, meditation is no longer seen as a practice for Tibetan Monks or time-rich hippies. It’s now recognised as a practice for anybody who […]
18 November 2017

The benefits of our ancient yoga sequence

At Energy Yoga London we teach a traditional yoga sequence – as set out in the yoga sutras – of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises). […]
11 October 2017

Yoga retreat in Las Alpujarras

All are welcome for a yoga retreat in Southern Spain with two phenomenal Sivananda teachers – Emma Brown and Sarah Odell. Retreat begins 14 October for […]
9 August 2017

Summer aliveness with yoga

Summer is a brilliant time to start or maintain your yoga practice because our bodies tend to feel more open and alive in the sun and […]