yoga in london

8 March 2014

Yoga for happiness (mo’ yoga, less problems)

Yoga for happiness – Following our last post on how neuroscience and yoga agree about happiness, here’s some more science on yoga. Check out these results […]
4 February 2014

Can I do yoga if I have a bad back?

We’ve been meeting a lot of you in St Paul’s and a question that pops up is – can I do yoga if I have a […]
13 January 2013

Classes starting in St Paul’s 11 February 2013

Our first yoga class in the St Paul’s location is on Monday 11 February (6.30pm). We’re really excited to be in the beautiful Hall at St […]
11 December 2012

What is fatigue? What is energy?

I’ve been practicing Sivananda yoga for 12 years. Over that period, I did a degree, began my career, became an M&A investment banker, and moved beyond […]