Sivananda Yoga

We teach a powerful, mixed ability (beginners-to-advanced welcome) asana-based yoga class. Experience an unbroken lineage of teaching stretching back thousands of years - unmodernised, highly-energising and deeply relaxing yoga as it was meant to be practiced.

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Mon Tue Thurs
1:10 pm with Retheesh
50mins (In studio)
- -
5:45 pm - with Sara
1hr (In studio)
7:00 pm with Retheesh
1hr15mins (online)
with Akhil
1hr 15mins (online)
8:00 pm - - with Akhil - Beginners
1hr (Online)
Hatha Yoga

Our Hatha Yoga classes follow the ancient traditions with the focus of the class being to release tensions in the body and steady the breath to balance the mind . Movements with breathing, called Kriyas (actions), may be interspersed throughout a practice mainly focused on static asana. Breathing techniques are practiced at the end of the practice of postures so that the practitioner can enter a state of meditation more easily.”

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Tue Wed Fri
8:00 am with Sara
1hr (online)
- -
9:15 am - - Gentle Hatha with Akhil
1hr (online)
5:30 pm - with Akhil
1hr (In-studio)
Ashtanga Flow

In our Ashtanga Flow classes, our teachers guide students through a selection of the sequence each week. This method of Yoga involves synchronising the breath with a progressive series of postures - a process which produces intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs.

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Mon Sat
8:30am with Daleesha
1hr (online)
12 midday - with Abhinand
1hr(8 week course)- contact for details
Yoga Flow

These classes draw from numerous styles of Yoga and other disciplines such as strength and conditioning, gymnastics and Pilates. Depending on the teacher’s area of expertise, students can expect core drills (suitable for post natal as well), Kriyas (actions with breath) and dynamic choreographed flows (Vinyasa Yoga). These sessions are varied and fun. You will build heat in the body and calmness in the mind, and leave feeling refreshed and positive.

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Wed Thur Fri
12:30 pm - - with Sally
1hr (in-person)
1:00pm with Sara
1hr (online)
- -
7:30pm - 6 week course with Sara
1hr (In Studio - Barnet)
Restorative Yoga

As the name suggests these sessions are designed to help you recuperate and restore yourself. Through guided meditation in two to three comfortable postures in the space of an hour, using props to support the body, the mind becomes incredibly still. Breathing techniques are practiced at the end and possibly at the beginning as well. This is an epic monthly experience on offer at Energy Yoga. Not to be missed!

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Last Sunday of the month
4:00 pm with Sara
1hr - Donations only
Outdoor Yoga

Situated in the peaceful surrounds of the Barbican Lake these idyllic Yoga sessions combine intelligent flows with classical static postures to give you a boost of energy in the middle of your day. Located next to our centre in St Paul's, in a secluded green area away from the bustle yet conveniently central!

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Thursdays 12.30-1.20pm (weather depending)
12:30 pm with Sara
50mins - £15 only