Coporate Wellness


Many elements of corporate life are entirely in keeping with leading a healthy life. For example, having a clear vision and mission, working with other people and learning to adapt or face challenges, to name a few. But equally there are aspects of corporate life that aren’t conducive to good health i.e. long hours, rigorous commute, irregular eating habits, sedentary desk jobs and unhealthy sitting postures. The result is high levels of absenteeism, lost productivity and temporary or even permanent disability, and largely, these incidents are due to mental distress. Since almost about 50% of corporate healthcare costs are said to be lifestyle related and therefore, potentially preventable, organisations understand the need to invest in prevention. And companies are finding that offering membership passes to a fitness centre is no longer enough to generate and sustain employee interest in wellness. That is why the ancient science of Yoga has found preference in the corporate world over and above other healthcare investments and wellness programs, since the very crux of the Yogic discipline is mind-body balance.


In 2017 decades of studies were reviewed and it was found categorically that Yoga has a positive effect on health in the workplace, particularly in reducing stress. Anecdotally Yoga has been a resonating success with human resource teams looking for strategic returns on their wellness investments. They report amongst their staff, improved emotional wellness, stress reduction, improved energy-enhancement, improved postural alignment, focus and enhanced creativity. Not only is a Yoga program the most effective strategy to improve employee wellness, a strong reason for incorporating Yoga into your employees' wellness routine is the ease with which it can be implemented with only floor mats and some willing participants.


Energy Yoga ensures the safety and quality of our sessions, by only working with highly trained and reliable Yoga teachers with well over 5 years teaching experience and who's depth of knowledge of the ancient mind body discipline of Yoga enhances well being for participants not just physically but also emotionally. Regular attendees report the ability to navigate the peaks and pitfalls of life while retaining a neutral mindset.From an HR perspective working with highly experienced teachers who can guide participants to assess these broader holistic benefits is conducive to higher productivity and performance across the board, and people at all levels throughout your organisation.

We only use only the most comfortable, clean and safe environments to practice. You and your colleagues can train at your own premises, at our premises in Central London, or two locations in North West London, or online. See our locations here. There is the option to include nutrition and diet schedules to maximise the overall benefits. Please get in touch with us to discuss.