Be energised

A yoga practice millenia old

Central London location opposite St Paul's cathedral

Fortnightly meditation classes

Drop-in yoga classes every weekday in St Paul's

Our yoga classes in the City of London give you a range of options to attend class as all classes are drop-in mixed ability. We are experienced at teaching beginners to advanced all in one class.

Come along with no pre-booking, simply arrive a few minutes early for the teacher to book you in. Or buy and reserve online.

Energy Yoga classes in St Paul's London

We're passionate about classical yoga

We teach a beautiful sequence of hatha yoga which has evolved naturally over thousands of years, Sivananda yoga. Unlike ashtanga vinyasa or Bikram, this method wasn't invented by any individual person - it has withstood the test of eons.

Traditional hatha yoga is all about raising prana, or energy. We vitalise the entire body with breathing, inversions and held stretching including twists, bends and balance. Our practice emphasises the spinal column, where the nervous system and energy channels run.

Experience for yourself the life-changing impact of Energy Yoga.

Friday night meditation

We offer a Meditation class on selected Friday evenings (see the schedule). We share a practice that uses sound and still sitting meditation to relax into the present moment. We cultivate a willingness to soften into whatever we find when we relax within, whether that is strong feeling, no feeling, or thoughts. Through this willingness to feel the now-moment, our capacity to rest in honesty with our own experience increases, and with it, our sense of being at home.

Following the meditation there is a Q&A where we talk about areas of our experience we are struggling with, to unravel the deepest source of the struggle.

What is fatigue? What is energy?

By Energyoga | 11 December 2012

I’ve been practicing Sivananda yoga for 12 years. Over that period, I did a degree, began my career, became an M&A investment banker, and moved beyond bulge bracket corporate finance, too. Recently, I went on a yoga retreat at the Sivananda Ashram in Orleans, France. We were doing two extended yoga classes of 1hr45 mins … Read more