Practical class info

For yoga classes

What to bring

We provide yoga mats, so you only need to bring yourself and your class card if you’re using one.

What to wear

Wear comfortable, loose or stretchy clothing. We don’t wear shoes in the yoga hall, so socks are advisable, and a hoodie or jumper to make sure you stay warm during the final relaxation.

Changing area

There are two loos and an adjoining room to change in. There are no showering facilities.

Food and drink

Please don’t have a heavy meal for 3 hours prior to the yoga class, and don’t eat in the hour or so before class. You should drink water or tea but not coffee before the yoga class.

For meditation classes

In our meditation sessions, we simply sit on chairs or cushions provided, or move gently, and relax into the present moment.

We serve tea and you don't need to bring anything else, except yourself 🙂