Summer aliveness with yoga

Summer is a brilliant time to start or maintain your yoga practice because our bodies tend to feel more open and alive in the sun and heat anyway.

Why is this?

Yoga observes that the force that activates our bodies – gives it that energy or life force – is prana. Prana is the energy that permeates life, giving it aliveness. We all know that alive feeling – for starters, we tend to feel it more after a yoga class, when deep breathing as we have held our bodies in expansive poses, has pumped prana throughout our system. We feel it after dancing, after connecting deeply with someone we love.

Sun, moderate heat, and certainly our breath, infuse us with prana.

On the other hand, lethargy or stagnation are the opposite to prana, and lethargy can also set in when it’s too hot or humid.

Yoga busts through the sleepiness and contraction by inviting us to open our bodies – to life, to the sun (think the sun salutations, the very first gesture we make in yoga), to the activating energy of prana through breath and asana.

Enjoy some more energy and aliveness in your summer. See you at class soon!

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