The Power of Meditation

Times have changed, meditation is no longer seen as a practice for Tibetan Monks or time-rich hippies. It’s now recognised as a practice for anybody who wants to maintain sound mental health.

Of course like most things, meditation can be difficult to start. Not because the activity in itself is particularly difficult, but because of the barriers we put up. A lot of people hold misconceptions of what meditation is and doubt it’s many benefits. However the biggest reason many people don’t meditate in this age of society, is because they feel they don’t have time to be still.

A quick Google search will reveal that some of the most successful (and presumably busiest) people in the world, routinely meditate and have done so for a considerable number of years.

Why is meditation beneficial to your health?

It is well documented that Meditation:

  1. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
  2. Decreases depression 
  3. Improves your immunity
  4. Increases grey matter density in your brain which helps you to process information
  5. Improves your memory & attention

Many of these studies emphasise the long-term effects that meditation can have, but in the short-term you can feel a great sense of calmness and clarity immediately after meditating. Indeed, attending a meditation class can provide you with a sense of togetherness and community – something our society is greatly lacking.

But what our society does have is the ability to perpetually attach shame to our health and habits, and it can feel like meditation is just another thing to add to our guilt list of ‘I should be doing that’. We bully ourselves often, but seldom carve out time to unburden that inner critic.

Attending a meditation class can help create that time and space for you. You don’t have to think about doing meditation, you just go.

As a society we perpetually attach shame to our health and habits

Meditation is not a sanctimonious hobby for those who are ‘ultra spiritual’ or have their life and routines fabulously together. Rather it is simply a skill that anybody can learn, that will improve your own well being and happiness, and ultimately positively affect those around you.


Every Friday at 6.15pm, Energy Yoga hosts a group Meditation session for 90 minutes at 4 Foster Lane led by Sarada.