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Having recently rediscovered Energy Yoga’s sanctuary near St Pauls, their move to online classes was seamless and greatly appreciated during the lockdown. These classes mean a great deal to me as it is as much about your inner self as about the body. The teaching is highly attentive, experienced and generous with mixed abilities (especially my own slower pace). Online means you can do these anywhere.

Shona Von Tunzlemann

“When lockdown started one of my first panics was “how will I get to class?!” In particular I worried about missing Energy Yoga and their guidance of my practice from their beautiful and peaceful sanctuary in the middle of the city. I had no reason to fear! The online classes have been exuding calm energy right into my living room (or on good days the garden). The lessons are delivered with the usual professionalism and patience and have been a real boost in these challenging times”

Gaenor Bruce

I’ve been going to the Energy Yoga classes for well over 5 years. What has set Sara and the team at Energy Yoga apart for me has really been their care and attention to detail with each of us in their classes. They really take the time to help us improve with each practice. The online move is much appreciated, especially at this time and. Impressively, they have been able to transfer this attention and care to their new online classes. I’m enjoying the online set-up immensely too.

Aditya Shivram

Pre-lockdown I had been attending classes at Energy Yoga for about eight months. I’m so glad I found Energy Yoga- it’s a great little studio with a lovely calming atmosphere, and some wonderful teachers. I regularly attend Retheesh’s Monday evening class and I was really pleased when I found out his class would be moved online shortly after lockdown. The online classes have been working well, it’s almost as good as being in the studio, and my practice hasn’t been limited at all. 
Retheesh is a brilliant teacher, he’s patient and calm but also encourages you to stretch yourself both physically and mentally. The length of the class means that there’s plenty of time for individual attention and support- particularly helpful if you’re newer to yoga- but the class is also challenging, and I always feel like I’ve had an excellent workout afterwards. One of the things I enjoy most about Retheesh’s sessions is having a familiar routine and structure, and not just structure within the class - knowing I’ve still got a regular class to attend on a Monday has given me a continued sense of normality which is really welcome when the outside world is so uncertain. Thank you!

Louise Smith

“I have been attending Energy Yoga at St Paul’s for the last few years and most recently the online classes. The online classes have kept me feeling motivated and energised during the lockdown period. Sara’s instructions are clear and precise so that you’re not always looking up to check you’re doing the right thing. The classes are challenging yet you somehow come out feeling relaxed. I would highly recommend!”

Jamie Mills

I am so grateful that Energy yoga has stayed open with its online classes during lockdown.  I love its Sivinanda practice, and, after some homeschooling and scheduling failures, have been able to shift my 2x a week lunchtime classes at St Paul's to 2x a week at home.  The online classes are surprisingly effective!  Seeing the same teachers every week is motivating and their detailed guidance means I continue to make progress.  Thanks Sara, Akhil, Retheesh!

Claire Corry

Sara and Akhil seem to have a limitless store of asanas and variations. Classes are challenging but subtle and varied, an authentic yoga experience. They have transitioned to online classes extremely well, experimenting with format and approach and finding ways to deliver excellent yoga teaching to your own home. I find that working from home I am actually attending more classes than when working up in town. And I warmly recommend Sara’s online classes for kids, my 6 year old twins love them.

Tony Smith

I have been practicing yoga with the team at Energy Yoga for over 3 years and their patient and personal manner of teaching has helped me to improve my practice. With online classes, this has made it much easier to attend sessions any day of the week. Sara and team have a unique grasp of each asana, taking it back to the roots of yoga and authentically teaching it according to a students ability. These special classes can not be found anywhere else in the entire city of London and now they are online as well so anyone can attend

Jigna Malde


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